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When ancient Romans didn’t provide for children

“The Romans were also wont to set aside testaments as being inofficiosa, deficient in natural duty, if they disinherited or totally passed by (without assigning a true and sufficient reason) any of the children of the testator.”

Belonging –

Belonging to something speaks of being part of something, being included with others, among other things.  A former Disability Discrimination Commissioner gave a speech in 1997 on “The Right to Belong” in the context of disability discrimination.   Or we talk of belonging in the sense of our property and possessions belonging to us, with the right …

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The rule of law

“Every person in [Australia] is required to live under and obey the law.  [This is the rule of law.] Every person is entitled to use the law to protect their rights and interests.”   From the South Australian Law Handbook ‘About’, online version, with adaptations and additions in brackets, Legal Services Commission,