Old Darwin Courthouse & Police Station 1884, Northern Territory

The old Darwin Courthouse

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Old Darwin Courthouse & Police Station, 1884, Northern Territory


Darwin Courthouse and Police Station (former) 1884, Darwin, NT


Armidale Courthouse 1858, Armidale, Northern Tablelands, New England, NSW

Please note that the Armidale Court House is an operating court. If you have landed here looking to contact the Court please find contact details on the NSW Government Local Court site here and on the Service NSW site here.

Armidale Courthouse, old Australian Courthouses, colonial Australian Courthouses, courthouses

Armidale Courthouse, 145 Beardy Street, Armidale, NSW

Armidale Courthouse 1859, Armidale, New South Wales

The Armidale Courthouse and Sherriffs Office at 143-145 Beardy Street,  Armidale, in the Northern Tablelands was an operating Local Court of New South Wales until 2014.  See a location map below. More

Beechworth Courthouse 1858, Victoria

Beechworth Courthouse Beechworth Courthouse

The former Beechworth Courthouse was built in 1852 and ceased operating as a courthouse in 1989.  It is now open to the public on a daily basis.  Local history records that Ned Kelly, his mother and other bushrangers appeared in the courtroom of the Beechworth Courthouse. More

Cairns Courthouse 1919 (former), QLD

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Cairns Courthouse, Australian Courthouses, Courthouse

“The portico on either side will be flanked with independent columns of the Corinthian order. On either side is a balustrade, placed between the main walls, the rail of which is separated by beautifully turned and shaped balusters.” New Cairns Courthouse, The Northern Herald, May, 1919.

The former Cairns Courthouse 1922 – 1992

This building operated as the Cairns Courthouse from 17 January 1922 to 1992.  It ceased operating as a court in 1992. The site was sold and at the time of writing was the Cairns Courthouse Hotel. More

Murrurundi Courthouse 1840, NSW

By B Stead

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Murrurundi Murrurundi Courthouse, Murrurundi, New South Wales

Murrurundi is a rural town on the banks of the Pages River, located in the upper Hunter Valley region of New South Wales.  The town is surrounded by the Liverpool Ranges, in   which various bushrangers roamed in the 1840s.  Ben Hall, one of the most well known  bushrangers, spent some of his early years in the Murrurundi district. More

Manly Courthouse 1909, Manly, New South Wales

Manly Courthouse is an operating local court.  If you are looking to contact the Court, the Manly Courthouse contact information may be found by clicking here.

Manly Courthouse, early Australian courthouses, Australian legal history

Manly Courthouse, 2 Belgrave Street, Manly, NSW, was first constructed in 1909, Manly NSW

Manly Courthouse 1909 – “Manly can now boast a courthouse”

A courthouse at Manly was first constructed soon after Federation and opened in 1909.  Present at the ‘formal opening’1 were the Solicitor-General, Magistrates, Mayor and Aldermen.  It was reported that:

“Manly can now boast a courthouse, the building having been formally opened yesterday morning.  It is situated on the Sydney-road, just at the foot of the hill, and is built on the site of portion of the famous old Ivanhoe Hotel.”1


Glen Innes Courthouse 1873, NSW

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Glen Innes CourthouseGlen Innes Courthouse 1873, Grey Street, Glen Innes NSW

The Glen Innes Courthouse is still operational as a local court in New South Wales.

The present building bears the date 1873.  As with many other early colonial buildings it was designed by the architect James Barnet and constructed using local basalt stone and granite.


Water Police Court 1886, Sydney

Water Police Court, old Australian courthouses, early Australian courthousesWater Police Court and Police Court, 1886, Sydney

The Water Police Court in Phillip Street Sydney ceased operating as a court in 1979. See location map below.  The former courthouse is now the Justice and Police Museum.  The sandstone building was designed by Edmund Blacket, and subsequently Alexander Dawson and James Barnett.  It was completed in 1855.


Clare Courthouse: a Local and Magistrates Court in the Clare Valley, South Australia

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Clare Courthouse, early Australian courthouses, old Australian courthouses

Clare Courthouse, c1878, South Australia

Clare Courthouse c1878, South Australia

The Clare Courthouse building was constructed in 1878 and occupied in 1880.  It has been in continuous use since that time although there have renovations and additions.


Holbrook Courthouse (former) 1873, NSW

Please note, if you have landed here looking for the contact details of the Holbrook Local Court, please go to the NSW Department of Justice – Holbrook Court House here.

Holbrook courthouse, old Australian courthouses, early Australian courthousesHolbrook Courthouse, Albury Street, Holbrook, New South Wales

The Holbrook Courthouse building today has had various predecessors, the first in 1872.  The Court facilities, as a place for the administration of justice has also had different functions from being a Mining Warden’s Court to a Court of Petty Sessions to a Local Court.

Holbrook is a country town south west of Sydney on the Hume Highway, see location map below.  Holbrook was known as Germanton in 1858, and other names before that: see the Holbrook website.  In 1914 it was changed to Holbrook, in honour of the daring feats of Commander Norman Holbrook VC during WW1.  More

Port Augusta Courthouse 1884, SA

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old Port Augusta courthouse, old Australian courthouses, early Australian courthouses

Port Augusta Courthouse 1884, South Australia

Port Augusta had a resident Magistrate as early as 1856, (South Australian Register, 1856).  In 1858 estimates were made for a courthouse and custom’s house, (The South Australian Register, 1858), drawings for a courthouse were eventually done and advertised eight years later, (South Australian Weekly Chronicle, 7 July 1866). More

Willunga Courthouse (former), 1855, South Australia

Willunga Courthouse, early Australian courthouses, old Australian courthouses

The former Willunga Courthouse 1855, South Australia

Willunga Courthouse and Police Museum, c1855, Willunga, South Australia.

The Willunga Courthouse nestles in picturesque setting in the almond blossom and wine region of Willunga, see location map below.

In 1854 the Willunga magistrate requested the authorities for improvements to be made to the facilities being used for court proceedings.  He felt that in using the local Bush Inn   “it was impossible to maintain the degree of order and decorum required in a court of justice…” More

Auburn Courthouse 1860, South Australia

Auburn Courthouse, Auburn Courthouse and Police Station.old Australian courthouses, early Australian courthouses

Auburn Courthouse (former) 1860, St Vincent Street, Auburn, SA

The Auburn Courthouse and Police Station, Auburn, c1860, South Australia.

Auburn is a small town in the Clare Valley agricultural and wine growing region, in the mid north of South Australia, see location map below. More