Willunga Courthouse (former), 1855, South Australia

Willunga Courthouse, early Australian courthouses, old Australian courthouses

The former Willunga Courthouse 1855, South Australia

Willunga Courthouse and Police Museum, c1855, Willunga, South Australia.

The Willunga Courthouse nestles in picturesque setting in the almond blossom and wine region of Willunga, see location map below.

In 1854 the Willunga magistrate requested the authorities for improvements to be made to the facilities being used for court proceedings.  He felt that in using the local Bush Inn   “it was impossible to maintain the degree of order and decorum required in a court of justice…” More

Auburn Courthouse 1860, South Australia

Auburn Courthouse, Auburn Courthouse and Police Station.old Australian courthouses, early Australian courthouses

Auburn Courthouse (former) 1860, St Vincent Street, Auburn, SA

The Auburn Courthouse and Police Station, Auburn, c1860, South Australia.

Auburn is a small town in the Clare Valley agricultural and wine growing region, in the mid north of South Australia, see location map below. More