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ancient inheritance law

Gortyn laws – ancient inheritance laws etched in stone

Ancient inheritance law, Law code of Gortyn, inscription, law in stone,Inheritance and intergenerational transfer of property has concerned families and civilisations for centuries.  Inheritance laws of the ancient city of Gortyn (Gortys), Crete were inscribed on stone in a public place in the fifth century.  The Law Code of Gortyn is a written set of rules prescribing who inherits, among other private matters, so as to keep property in the male side of family.

Inheritance and the Twelve Tables, an ancient Roman statute

Twelve Tables, Roman law, inheritance lawThe Law of the Twelve Tables, which contained rules on inheritance, was a code formulated to appease class conflict in the largely agrarian society in Rome in 450 BCE.  The Twelve Tables formed the basis of Roman Law.