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Public trustees in Australia

Public Trustees

State and territory public trustees

Public trustees are government departments established in each state and territory to provide a range of services to the public in the particular state or territory in relation to:

  • wills
  • being an executor – either on appointed by choice when someone uses their will making service or as executor or administrator of last resort in other situations
  • managing deceased estates
  • managing trust funds
  • powers of attorney
  • guardianship (where that function is part of their responsibilities)
  • storage of wills in some cases

The links provided below are for convenience only.

The New South Wales Trustee and Guardian:
NSW Department of Attorney General and Justice

South Australia
South Australian Public Trustee:
Government of South Australia

State Trustees of Victoria:

The Public Trustee of Queensland:
Queensland Government

Public Trustee of Western Australia:
Government of Western Australia, Dept of the Attorney General

Public Trustee of Tasmania:
The Government of Tasmania

Office of the Public Trustee for the Northern Territory:
Northern Territory Government, Department of the Attorney General and Justice

Public Trustee and Guardian (PTG) for the Australian Capital Territory:

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