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Links to the websites of Australian Law Societies in each state and territory are provided here for convenience. Their websites often have a range of useful information for the public, self-help guides, fact sheets and the like.  Look under the “For the Community” type tabs.

Find a lawyer search facilities
Searching for a lawyer offering services in wills, probate, contesting a will, estate administration?  The law societies provide online search options such as find a lawyer referral services to assist the public find lawyers practicing in wills, estate administration, family provision and probate.

New South Wales:
Find information for the community here.

Find a lawyer referral service here.

The Law Institute of Victoria –

Information on choosing a lawyer can be found here.

The Queensland Law Society

Information on a range of topics such as questions to ask your solicitor, estate planning can be found among the Legal Brochures here.

Information on where to start in choosing a solicitor can be found here.

The Law Society of Tasmania

Search for a lawyer in Tasmania here.

The Law Society of Western Australia –

Information for the Community and how to find a lawyer can be found here.

The Law Society of Northern Territory –

Information on finding a legal practitioner can be found on the Legal Referral page here.

The Law Society of the ACT-

Public information including how to find a lawyer can be found here.

The Law Society of South Australia –

Information for the community including their Legal Referral Service can be found here.

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