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Executor services

If you are looking for executor services and/or trustee services the information and links on this page may help. 

Or you may have been named as an executor and do not wish to take it on. If you do not wish to act you can renounce (or relinquish) being an executor and find someone else.  Below is general information on where to start if you don’t know of anyone.

Executor services & trustee services – who does this work?

  • Legal practitioners, law firms providing services in wills and estates and trusts.
  • State and territory government public trustees.
  • Some non-government organisations provide executor services and trustee services.

The level of service can vary depending on the situation, from taking over the role completely from someone who does not wish to, is unable to, or not longer can continue to act, to providing assistance and advice to executors as they complete administration of the estate.  Similarly the costs involved and how they are charged will also vary.


For lawyers, solicitors providing legal advice and executor services contact the law society in your state or territory for names of practitioners who provide these services.  Most law societies provide an online search facility, see links below.

The New South Wales Law Society offer a personalised service by telephone or email to assist the public find a lawyer with expertise in the required area.

New South WalesFind a lawyer, solicitor – New South Wales Law Society
VictoriaFind a lawyer legal referral service – Law Institute Victoria
QueenslandFind a solicitor – Queensland Law Society
South AustraliaLegal Referral Service – The Law Society of South Australia
TasmaniaFind a lawyer – The Law Society of Tasmania
Western AustraliaFind a Lawyer – The Law Society of Western Australia
Northern TerritoryLegal Referral Service – Northern Territory Law Society
ACTFind a lawyer – The ACT Law Society

Public Trustees offer executor services

Each state and territory has a government body, known as the public trustee or similar name, which provides executor services to the public, find the list of public trustees here.

Private organisations providing executor services

Some of these are:
Australian Executor Trustees
Equity Trustees
National Australia Trustees, 
National Australia Bank offer estate administration services.
Perpetual Limited, Trustee Services.
Tasmanian Perpetual Trustees – Estate Management and Trust Administration.

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24 May 2016, updated 21 June 2020

Important notice: This article is intended for general interest and information only. It is not legal advice and nor should it be used as such. Always consult a legal practitioner for specialist advice specific to your needs and circumstances and rely on that.

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