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Download these guides to assist you with planning ahead.  You may use these guides for personal use only. 

Prepare a basic family, domestic/personal relationship tree

A simple form for recording next-of-kin and family relationships (DOCX). 

Why do this? Read about the usefulness of making a basic family tree here.



Pet profile template

When we can no longer look after our pets or for when we die it can be helpful to whoever is looking after our pet, to know something about them from us. After all we as owners know them best! 

Download a Pet Profile template or Pet Plan (WORD, DOCX 20KB) complete for your pet.  This template contains a list of matters compiled for anyone interested in preparing a record or profile on their pets in the event something happens and someone needs to take over their care. 

For information on what you can do in your will to provide for them after you die, see Pets – making provision for their care in wills.

Information on pets and wills is available from the Law Society of New South Wales: Animal Law Guide New South Wales, p.23.

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Updated 30 June 2021

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