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Risks in will-making

“The range of “risks” to which a will maker, his or her property, interested parties or members of the legal profession may be subject is probably infinite in its dimensions.  Risk cannot be eliminated from life, or, it seems, from death.“ The Hon Justice Lindsay, Equity Division, Supreme Court of New South Wales, Seminar presentation …

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Gortyn laws – ancient inheritance laws etched in stone

Gortyn, Crete, Greece, Gortyn Law inscriptions, stone

Inheritance and intergenerational transfer of property has concerned families and civilisations for centuries.  Inheritance laws of the ancient city of Gortyn (Gortys), Crete were inscribed on stone in a public place in the fifth century.  The Law Code of Gortyn is a written set of rules prescribing who inherits, among other private matters, so as to keep property in the male side of family.


Belonging –

Belonging to something speaks of being part of something, being included with others, among other things.  A former Disability Discrimination Commissioner gave a speech in 1997 on “The Right to Belong” in the context of disability discrimination.   Or we talk of belonging in the sense of our property and possessions belonging to us, with the right …

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The rule of law

“Every person in [Australia] is required to live under and obey the law.  [This is the rule of law.] Every person is entitled to use the law to protect their rights and interests.” From ‘About’, in the South Australian Law Handbook online, with adaptations and additions in brackets. The South Australian Legal Services Commission, www.lsc.sa.gov.au. …

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