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The meaning of “issue” in wills: 

Find out about the meaning of “issue” in wills here, potential problems when mixing this word with children in wills here, and more on difficulties with wording here.

issue, remote issue, remoter issue, children, descendants, offspring, grandchildren, inheritance, succession law, family, wills, estates, deceased
Spouses/partners are not issue and so not shown.













TENANCY – co-owning property with other people:


joint tenancy, tenants in common, shared property, survivor, survivorship, owning property with others,




















Find out more about tenancy:


TENANCY – co-owning property with other people:

Co-ownership, joint tenants, tenants in common, right of survivorship, survivorship, wills, estates, succession, inheritance, tenancy
Owning property with others













Ownership and will-making

More about ownership, will-making and what can and can’t be disposed of by will here.

Property ownership, will making, company shares, units, trust,








Distribution of assets in a will –  per stirpes. 

per stirpes, per stirpes distribution, distribution per stirpes, per capita, distribution deceased estates, succession, inheritance
How distributing property to “my children” by the “per stirpes” method operates. Compare to using the “per capita” method.














Find out per stirpes, per capita and deceased estate distribution here.


Distribution of estate assets – per head basis: per capita distribution, per capita, deceased estates, wills, children, inheritance, will-making, willmaking












The nature of the trust relationship

appointor, family trust, trust, trust relationship, WillsHub








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