Historic Australian Courthouses

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Historic Australian Courthouses – a gallery in progress

Historic Australian courthouses reflect a diversity of places, history and heritage of the  buildings used for the administration of justice. Some continue to be used as a courthouse, but many are not, others no longer exist.  Alternative uses for courthouse buildings sold into private hands include private dwellings – especially those originally attached to police stations, museums, galleries, restaurants, community use, visitor’s centres, bed and breakfast establishment, and even a church.

“….in future these buildings are not to be used for entertainments or meetings 
of any kind, but reserved for the administration of justice.."1 NSW Government, 1880

The dates given are an indication of when a courthouse was constructed as far as can be ascertained.  As communities and needs grew, courthouse facilities often went through a series of add-ons and refurbishments.

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A list of early courthouses in Queensland noted for their architectural significance and their history can be found on the Sir Harry Gibbs Legal Heritage Centre here.   The colony of Queensland was established separately from New South Wales in 1859, and the colony of Victoria in 1851.

1.  Government circular forwarded throughout the Colony of New South Wales, Queanbeyan Age, 30 Oct 1880, p. 2.

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