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Belonging –

Belonging to something speaks of being part of something, being included with others, among other things.  A former Disability Discrimination Commissioner gave a speech in 1997 on “The Right to Belong” in the context of disability discrimination.   Or we talk of belonging in the sense of our property and possessions belonging to us, with the right to use and enjoy them, and that which belongs to others.  We need to know more about our legal rights and responsibilities in the different contexts.

“The law does not belong to judges and lawyers.  It belongs to every citizen. Only when the people of Australia are more aware of their legal system will they feel a sense of responsibility about its content and be empowered to chart its future directions.”

The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG
The Living Law’, Foreward to Introducing the Law,
7th ed, 2008, G Heilbronn, P Latimer, J Nielsen, T Pagone and D Kovacks.

Newtown Courthouse, the law, belonging
Coat of Arms, Newtown Courthouse, Sydney, New South Wales.  Other historic Sydney courthouses can  be viewed here.



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