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Estate Disputes

Articles on estate disputes

Estate disputes are about contesting a will for more, “adequate provision”, or some aspect of its administration. Disputes can also be over allegations that the deceased lacked the required testamentary capacity. Or made their will under undue influence.

Executors, administrators, beneficiaries and others with a special interest can be involved. The legal personal representatives of the deceased named in their will – their executors and trustees are required to defend the will.

The articles here are for reflection and when will-making. Remember however that everyone’s personal circumstances are different.

Stepchild contesting a step-parent’s will – Queensland

estate disputes, stepchild, willshub, step-parent, family provision,

Can a stepchild claim from a step-parent’s estate?

Estranged child left out of a will – claiming family provision

Deniliquin Courthouse, New South Wales, estate disputes

Rifts in families occur for all sorts of reasons. Can an estranged child claim for family provision?

Who is eligible to contest a will for more?

family provision, eligibile person, will, deceased estate, challenge a will, contest a will,

Only certain categories of persons are entitled under the law to lodge a claim for more.

Early inheritance & family provision

farm land inheritance,

If someone gets their inheritance early before death – can they successfully claim for more later?

Testamentary freedom & family provision

Scales of Justice

The law allows freedom to dispose of your property providing you look after dependents.

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