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Terms of Use

Terms of Use and Disclaimer

WillsHub at general information only. It is an Australian website about Australian succession law prepared for Australian residents.

WillsHub is owned by BHS Legal Pty Limited, (BHS Legal), an incorporated legal practice in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Using this site

Your use of this website is governed by these Terms of Use, and the Privacy Statement.  Continuing to use this site means you have acknowledged and accepted these Terms of Use, and the Privacy Statement, and agree to be bound by them.

Australian State and Territory Parliaments have responsibility for making legislation on succession.  Although the legal principles across the states and territories are similar, differences can exist.  The approach on WillsHub is to reflect on issues common to all in a general way, and where differences occur, these may or may not be referred to.  Due care is taken in compiling the material but no representation is made that permission is held to provide legal advice in every jurisdiction from which this site can be viewed.

Content is general information and not legal advice

This website does not give legal advice.  Content on WillsHub is for general information and personal interest only and is not legal advice.  Nothing on this website is intended to constitute legal advice or any other professional advice.  The information on this site is not comprehensive, there may be errors or omissions that could affect its currency or accuracy, and must not be treated as a substitute for professional legal advice. Do not rely on anything on this site as applicable to your situation and not act or refrain from acting because of it. You should always seek your own independent legal advice, specific to your situation from a qualified legal practitioner.   You use the information on WillsHub at your own risk.

No solicitor-client relationship

Information on WillsHub is for general information only.  Using this website does not and is not intended to create any solicitor-client relationship. If you send a message to WillsHub it will not create a lawyer-client relationship.  You are responsible for obtaining your own independent legal advice from a qualified legal practitioner who can tailor it for your particular circumstances, and on which you should rely.

For names of lawyers and law practices servicing this area of law contact the law society in your state or territory, links here.

Disclaimer limiting liability

This website is provided on an ‘as-is’ and “as it is available” basis without warranty.  While due care has been taken in preparing content, no assurance or representation is given that content on this site or any that linked to is accurate, current, or free from errors. Readers should always obtain their own professional advice for their circumstances and rely on that.  Use of this site is at your own risk.

No liability is accepted for loss or damage of any kind which might arise from your use of, or inability to use, or reliance upon, the content or information from this website, or of any other website accessed through a link on this website.  Nor is any liability accepted under any circumstances for damages of any kind resulting from the use of, or reliance on, the material made available on this website or any external site accessed through this site.


Changes may be made at any time and without notice.

Please review this Terms of Use and Privacy Statement regularly so you are aware of any changes as continuing to use the site means you have agreed to them.  The current version is that as posted.

Copyright and trademarks

Unless otherwise indicated BHS Legal reserves the rights to all intellectual property (including copyright) in the content and design of the WillsHub website.  BHS Legal owns the copyright in the content and design of this website, or is licensed from others or used under applicable law or with consent.  BHS Legal Pty Limited reserves all rights in “WillsHub”.

Use of content, trademarks or logos on this website or any website accessed through this site in any way that infringes the copyright or proprietary interests of any person is prohibited.

All images, photographs, icons and illustrations on this site are protected by copyright and unauthorised copying or use is prohibited.   Linking to these items from any external website is prohibited without prior written consent.

Personal use

Content on this website may be used for personal use only with written permission from the author or BHS Legal Pty Limited.

You may print a copy or save onto your local computer a portion of information from this website for your personal informational and non-commercial use only, in line with fair use as permitted by the provisions of the Australian Copyright Act 1968 (Cth): provided that you:

  • preserve and attribute the source to the author, and WillsHub at, and retain without change any copyright or other notice;
  • do not change, modify or misrepresent content or frame content in any way into another work.

Any use of the content or design of this website for commercial gain is strictly prohibited.

Site availability

Circumstances beyond our control may result in this website being unavailable, or interrupted at any time without notice.  No guarantee can therefore be made that the site will be operational at all times.  No liability is accepted for any loss or damage arising from site unavailability.

Internet security

No warranty or representation is given that this website or any linked site, is secure or free from harmful code such as malicious software (malware), or any computer contamination which may harm or cause damage to any computer accessing this site.

The internet is not a secure medium.  You should ensure you have taken your own precautions. No responsibility or liability is accepted for any harmful code transmitted through this website from any other website or to any linked external websites accessed from this site.

Links to other (external) websites

Outgoing links to external websites owned or controlled by others are provided for convenience only and may not always be current.   They are not affiliated with this website and no guarantee or endorsement is made of the information or services provided on those sites. No responsibility or liability is accepted for the content or operation of any external websites accessed through a link from this website.  You access those sites at your own risk.

In providing links to external sites from this site, under no circumstances is it to be implied that the existence of such links authorises the infringement of copyright, or of any other proprietary interests, on those sites.

Linking to this site

Linking to this site WillsHub, from another website is prohibited without written consent from BHS Legal.  Any unauthorised or inappropriate link to this site will be blocked without notice.

Applicable law

The law of New South Wales.

BHS Legal

Important notice: This article is intended for general interest and information only. It contains general information and is not specific to anyone’s personal circumstances. It is not legal advice nor should it be used as such. Always consult a legal practitioner for specialist legal advice specific to your needs and circumstances and rely upon that. While every effort is made to ensure accuracy at the time of writing applicable laws may change.

Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation.

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