Pets – making provision for their care by will

Pets are family – make a plan, arrange care for them for when their owner dies

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Who will look after me?

Pets or companion animals are part of the family. Making arrangements and documenting a plan for their welfare when you die or become unable to care for them gives you peace of mind.  It is also helpful to others; to family, friends and your executors.   Make sure you let them know.

The matter may be discussed and arranged informally among family or friends, but over time things can change.  A will is a useful and practical way in which to leave instructions for what you would like done with your much loved pets. Some suggestions follow. In addition you can put down your wishes in supporting documents such as a Pet Profile to make it easy for others to learn about your pet. 


Why make a will and what can a will do?


By: B Stead

Why make a will and what can it do?

Dying without leaving a will, or leaving an invalid one, is to die intestate.   Dying intestate means property left (the estate) is distributed according to the intestacy law.  The intestacy law has been prescribed by legislation as the ‘default’ rules to apply in these circumstances. The problem is that the intestacy formula for distribution may not produce the desired outcome.